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My dog knows everything about enthusiasm. You see that stick there? It's too big for him but he was so excited about it he made me chase him for it. I got tired and gave up. He won his big stick and is proudly showing me how I can't catch him. Be like Bowser.

My dog knows everything about enthusiasm. You see that stick there? It’s too big for him but he was so excited about it he made me chase him for it. I got tired and gave up. He won his big stick and is proudly showing me how I can’t catch him. Be like Bowser.

I have some serious beef with people who don’t like or make fun of enthusiastic people. Why is enthusiasm a bad thing? Why would anyone make fun of someone who is enthusiastic about things? I can form all sorts of arguments in my head based off of experiences I’ve had. I am generally an enthusiastic person.

I’ll be basing this opinion peace with this definition of enthusiasm which is what I define enthusiasm as:

[inˈTH(y)o͞ozēˌazəm, enˈTH(y)o͞ozēˌazəm]


  1. intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval:

    “her energy and enthusiasm for life” ·

    “few expressed enthusiasm about the current leaders”

    synonyms: eagerness · keenness · ardor · fervor · passion · zeal ·

    (This definition was brought to you by the Oxford Dictionary)

I try my best to see the positive in the negative so about 90% of the time, I am a ball of enthusiasm. However, this does not mean that I do not experience an array of complex emotion. I can become upset, angry, sad, lethargic, and yes, even grumpy. My enthusiasm does not mean that I am incapable of feeling any other feeling. It also doesn’t give you the permission to rain on my parade or ask me stupid questions like “Why are you always excited? or Are you ever not in a good mood?”. I do know that some people are actually curious about my optimism or enthusiasm, and I don’t mind answering those questions when they’re directed positively. What I do not appreciate is when these types of questions are directed towards me with hostility or anger. I don’t need to explain my enthusiasm when asked in a hostile manner. I don’t owe people like that an explanation.

I understand that sometimes it can irritate some people. I know some people HATE seeing others be enthused when they’re in a foul mood. I get that. What I do not get and do not tolerate is people who insist that since they’re in a bad mood, no one else can be enthusiastic, and no one else can be happy. Let me break it down for those people who are sour biscuits and not the good kind, the world does not revolve around your choice to be miserable. I can understand when people are sad. Depression is also not a joke. BUT when you go out of your way to belittle, criticize, and overall hate on people who are excited about life, you are the one who is wrong. Because you are spending your time finding stuff to be miserable about while trying to make others miserable too.

In addition, I wrote this post a few days before a wonderful friend came over and we started speaking about enthusiasm. Her definition was really very interesting and it made me think. In a nutshell, she associated enthusiasm with people who didn’t have or understand boundaries. It made a lot of sense! Some people overstep their boundaries and think because they’re enthusiastic they can be disrespectful. Being disrespectful is never okay not even when you’re excited about something. Always and I mean always, keep your enthusiasm in check, ask and don’t be disrespectful.

Did you know?

Some people do not like enthusiasm. They think it’s uncool behavior childlike behavior and will try to make you feel bad about your outlook in life. Do not listen to these people. They’re dead wrong. What point is there to life if you can’t find things to be enthusiastic about? There’s always something. What point is there in making others feel badly about their enthusiasm? It isn’t childlike behavior. No one becomes less mature by being excited. Think about your words. Think about your actions and how these affect others.

The older I become the less I care about what other’s think and that’s just a huge relief. Unfortunately, a lot of people still feel like they have to worry about how they should express their feelings. I know that just like I’m not enthused all the time, I am sure others aren’t grumpy all the time. Be that as it may, having a bad attitude and then trying to ruin someone’s outlook is NEVER a good thing. It’s never okay. Enjoy your enthusiasm! Don’t belittle others who aren’t enthusiastic. If you’re upset or sad, then be upset or sad but don’t criticize others for not being that way.


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