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Friendship feet. We went to the arboretum and laid in the grass. Friends don't let friends roll on grass alone.

Friendship feet. We went to the arboretum and laid in the grass. Friends don’t let friends roll on grass alone.

October and November have been two of the busiest months I have had in a long time. First we had Damian’s loving parents visit, then we had a set a fabulous friends who are also newlyweds come stay with us, and currently, I have two of my greatest friends staying with us for a few days. It’s been two month of discoveries, friendships, and family. My heart is so absolutely full but also saddened since I know our lives will inevitably take us to far away places and it’ll be a long time before I see some of these precious people again.

I won’t deny that I felt absolutely miserable as soon as I realized that it’ll be a long time before I’ll see my friends again. I’m sure I’ll see a few of them soon enough. I seemed to have forgotten how absolutely lovely it was to have friends who love and accept you just the way you are.

Did you know?

Creating valuable, loving, and true friendships not only take time but also an incredible amount of work. If you are a “friend” who envies, dislikes, or harbors a lot of negative feelings towards people you consider friends then you will be unable to be friendly or even a good friend. It has taken me a very long time to realize what being a friend is like. At first, I wholeheartedly believed that all it took to be someone’s friend was to be kind, attentive, and honest. I now know that it takes a lot more. We’re all flawed. None of us are perfect and I’ve always tried to keep that in mind when building new friendships. I constantly work on myself in hopes that I can become a better friend and I know that I’m guilty of some of these. I was recently told by a fabulous new friend that sometimes you have to let go of anyone that only brings toxic feelings into your life. She said that sometimes being too kind to people who lack compassion or understanding is a waste of energy. I like to think that you can be kind to anyone but I definitely don’t want to be a doormat anymore. I refuse.

There are also people who do not realize how flawed they are and insist everyone else is the problem and not them. This is absolutely never the case. Everyone makes mistakes. Not everyone is good but there is good in everyone. Try to understand what kind of things you do that you would never like for a friend to do to you. Think about your actions. Think about your words.

Let’s try to become better friends and in the end, just strive to become better people in general.




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