Did You Know? Misunderstandings

I'm about to spend this New Year's Eve gorging on chocolate, reading, and playing video games with the occasional puppy dance.

I’m about to spend this New Year’s Eve gorging on chocolate, reading, and playing video games with the occasional puppy dance.

Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone!

First and foremost, I would like to say that I hope you have a lovely evening surrounded by the ones you love. If you aren’t about going out on New Year’s Eve then I hope you have a relaxing evening eating all the junk food and dancing with your furry friend. HURRAY FOR ANOTHER YEAR OF LIFE! <3 Now to today’s serious post. 

I tend to think a lot which can sometimes drive me bananas but I usually really enjoy. I definitely live inside of my head. The happy anxious cabin of Mely snugs! That’s where I reside. One of my favorite things to do is spend my evenings trying to analyze something to understand it better. I’m open-minded and exceedingly conscious towards the feelings of others, which at times can make my actions seem a bit unclear or too nice. I am well aware that I do not know everything, nor do I have all the answers. If you don’t agree with me on something, I will try to understand your point of view. I will say things like “Oh, I can see that.” or “That makes sense” because I believe everyone has the right to have their own opinion. These phrases DO NOT mean I am accepting your point of view or statement as my own or even as fact. It only means that I am taking the time to learn something about you. I do that because I love learning about my friends but specifically, I love learning, overall. I want to know why someone dislikes something or why someone is passionate about another. Every now and again, I’ll take an opposing stance just to see how a person reacts to that opposing view. It doesn’t have to be mine. I’m just interested in varying opinions. I am not the type to become bullheaded and stick to my guns just to save face. I will admit when I’m wrong. I will thank another for teaching me something knew; there’s no shame in it.

Did you know?

In order to build relationships or establish any kind of communication with others, you have to be openminded. You have to be willing to understand their experiences or their point of view even if they don’t coincide with yours. You can’t try build any kind of friendships with anyone if you come into it with prejudices or assumptions on someone’s character. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed that some people tend to criticize others, often due to miscommunication. I know from experience that sometimes they misinterpret curiosity for either weakness or fickle-mindedness. I always try to communicate with everyone I meet to the best of my abilities and I know that sometimes things can seem unclear, but don’t assume you know everything about a person or about anything in general. There’s always something to learn. Learn with grace. Don’t be a jerk.

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