Final Cake Project for Wilton Decorating Course 2 & 3

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During the month of November 2012, I was attending Wilton’s Decorating courses 2 & 3. In these courses, we are taught to make flowers from gumpaste, fondant, and royal icing while using diverse baking tools ranging from cookie cutters, to fondant cutters/presses, and flower nails. And last but certainly not least, we’re also taught to cover cakes in fondant… Oh my goodness, I did not expect fondant to be such a hassle. It definitely looks pretty, but it is the biggest bane of my existence. At the end of each course, we’re required to present a final project cake. I went with a Pokémon-themed design, making Jigglypuffs out of fondant.  I did not, however, cover my cake in fondant. I used green butter cream. Let’s just say, I’m still a little apprehensive about using fondant…

2012-11-26 20.59.35

My main objective with the final project was to combine what I had learned in the previous courses while having fun with it. I’ll admit, I still need to work on my piping. But practice makes perfect, am I right? On my cake, there is a variation of gumpaste flowers. I have a blood-orange full rose alongside a purple small rose. There’s also the orange mum and the daisies. If you look closer, you can see I’ve made extra round, pink, blue, and white cut-outs just to give the cake a more “bouncy” feeling (if that makes any sense).

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  1. I’m taking the second course starting next week- I’m excited to start using fondant and gum paste, but when I take the third course I know I’m going to be nervous about covering my cake in fondant too! Your cake looks awesome! 🙂

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