Daily Prompt: All About Me


Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.

After reading my friend Christina’s post on her blog title definition, I thought to myself: “Why did I pick my blog title?!”. I just sat here pondering my blog’s existence and how it somehow reflected my entity. My blog’s title was not something I put into serious thought. It just came to me. I just knew it had to be Warm Toasty Muffins. But now that I sit and actually think about it, I believe that my title reflects my personality greatly. I’m obsessed with baking. I also rather enjoy muffins and what’s better than a warm muffin? Oh, wait! I think I’m experiencing epiphany!

In Puerto Rico, where I was raised, there’s this little sandwich shop called Sandwich Delight. In this shop, they also sell delicious corn muffins that you can ask for toasted. They were my absolute favorite. I think. somehow, those muffins snuck their way into my subconscious and manipulated me into choosing such a name. In a seriousness though, I love my blog’s title. It really gives off this warm feeling, and I hope everyone who decides to take a gander leaves feeling a little bit better about their day.

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