Tropical Homemade Coconut Ice cream

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Coconut ice cream is one of my favorite flavors to devour. On the other hand, I feel very conflicted when it comes to choosing a favorite flavor of ice cream. I have yet to try a flavor, I do not absolutely love, but coconut ice cream is definitely one of  my favorites. This recipe is very similar to the ones sold in Puerto Rico. I actually derived it from a Puerto Rican culinary blog. You can find this ice cream anywhere on the island! Sadly, no so much in Ohio.  Now I’ve gone and made enough for me, Damian, and about 15 others. I mean, just me and Damian.


13.5 fl oz of coconut milk

1 C of hot milk

1 C of milk

1 C of sugar

1/2 tsp of salt

4 fl oz of coconut cream

2 large egg yolks

1. There’s no preheating the oven for this one, however, before you start making this delicious ice cream, I recommend having somewhere to store it. I used a baking bowl and covered it up with some aluminum foil. Aren’t I super crafty and creative?!

2. In a medium sized pot, whisk in the sugar and egg yolks. Once the sugar has turned into a sugary egg-filled mixture, add the hot milk and melt the contents together in a low to medium low heat. Do not boil the mixture. It’ll just make it angry and bitter. And nothing is worse than angry ice cream.

3. Whisk your ice cream liquid gently. It’ll be ready when the mixture becomes a bit more thick. Once it’s thick, remove the liquid from the heat, and add the cold milk, coconut milk, and coconut cream.

4. Place in the container of your choice and pop it in the freezer! Let the delicious coconut goodness take a long rest, preferably overnight.

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    1. So sorry about that! It’s 1 cup. You could use a little more a bit less depending on how sweet the coconut products you’re using are.

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