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Yay! Another blog award! This award nomination was so graciously given to me by The Peckish Kiwi . This clever individual, alongside his wife (Mrs. P), and two kitties, runs an endlessly food-teasing blog where you will find yourself needing to eat absolutely everything he reviews. Now, this award comes with a price, you are required to list the entire alphabet with facts about yourself. Once you are finally done, you must end the madness by providing the reader with some fabulous blogs to read.

A – Antsy, oh, I am definitely antsy.

B – Baking, of course! I love it!

C – Candy, all of it.

D – Dreams! My dream is to someday run my own bakery.

E – Eggs- I can’t help but think of eggs when I eat raw batter.

F – Fearless! It takes courage to write about yourself. So as of now, I am fearless.

G – Green tea- I’ve been getting into teas, lately.

H –  Horses- I love ponies!

I – Ice cream- There is nothing more wonderful than ice cream. No, not even chocolate. Unless it’s chocolate ice cream.

J – Joyful- Joy is the most wonderful feeling and my absolute favorite.

K – Kumquat- I’ve never had one but I really enjoy saying it.

L – Luscious- I love luscious desserts.

M – Milk- Milk and I, well, our relationship is complicated. I love it. I adore it. It just does not feel the same way. To this day, my love for milk is one-sided.

N – Nutter Butter- Seriously, those cookies are ridiculously addicting and I cannot help myself. I cannot!

O –  Oatmeal- As a child, my father used to make me the most delicious oatmeal. I will always hold that memory dear.

P – Positive- Being positive is what I’m known for! That, and eating candy.

Q – Quirky- Is the adjective most used to identify my character.

R – Root Bear Floats- Love em’ Can’t live without them.

S – Summer- Having been raised on an island, Summer is my favorite season. No joke, I love the heat!

T – Tomatoes- Go well with mostly everything!

U – Uterus- Most females have them. I am a female. I still have my uterus.

V – Variety- I consider my self a variety of things. I like options.

W – Watermelon- I am not a fan. I am probably the only person that does not absolutely love it. It’s messy and taste like nothing.

X – Xenophobia- I greatly dislike xenophobes. The world is very big and diverse, relish it in it! Also, the first word that came to mind was the name Xena, as in Xena Warrior Princess.

Y – Yarn- I’m learning how to crochet!

Z – Zoisite- Sailor Moon, guys. It’s also a stone of some kind hahaha.

Now, here are some people I enjoy treading upon their well-kept blogs and just making a mess, metaphorically speaking, of course:

Delightfully Sweet Life: If you enjoy blogs that are simple but an absolute treasure, this is the blog for you!

A Small Insight: Not only is this author an absolute sweetheart, her recipes are to die for!

A Mancktastic!: I love this sweet blog! I discovered it fairly recently. The author’s tips are very helpful and I enjoy her creative recipes.

And last certainly not least:

Come Cook With Me: This veteran chef will have you salivating and running to the kitchen! abc-award-600x100-banner1

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