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Hello my dearest WordPressians,

How are you doing? I’m doing pretty well, thanks for asking. Actually, I bought a new cupcake pan and somehow, SOMEHOW, managed to give myself a paper cut with the paper that lined it. The cut is in a very awkward position, sort of on the side of my thumb. Other than that little bit, life has been extraordinary and I have nothing at all to complain about. Oh, you want to know how I managed to cut myself with the paper on a cupcake pan? Umm, well I was feeling inspired to bake. As of late, that seems to be somewhat of a rare occurrence. I dashed into the kitchen, grabbed my cupcake pan, and tried to rip out the cover as quickly as I could. Unfortunately, my thumb seemed to have fallen in love with the cover and could not bear to let it go. He tried to stop me, I didn’t understand how passionately he felt towards this protective piece of paper. It was too late, their grip was too strong, and she was gone. My thumb seems to have healed but I doubt he will ever be the same.

Okay, enough crazy! Unto the baking! This recipe is a really simple one but oh is it a live saver. If you do not have the cash, time, or talent to cook, you are in luck! These cupcakes require hardly any money that even a puppy could bake them (don’t take my word on the puppy bit and don’t let him eat it, it’ll kill him).

1 box of traditional white cake mix
4 large eggs (2 egg whites only and 2 whole eggs)
1/ 1/4 C of milk
1/2 C of vegetable oil
1/4 C of powdered sugar
1 box of powdered instant lemon pudding


1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. If you are clumsy, have an adult do it. If you so happen to be an adult, ask a capable adult to do it.
2. In a large bowl, add your eggs and mix for a bit. To your eggs, add half of the cake mix and oil. Mix until these lovely ingredients become the best of friends. If they seem to not be getting along, give them a firm talking to. They are here to make your life easier, not complicate things! Show them who’s boss!
3. To the mixture, add the rest of the flour, the package of powdered lemon pudding, and milk. I am not a huge lemon dessert fan. I blame my father, he really seemed to like them as I was growing up and that’s all we would ever have. I decided that before I would add the lemon pudding, I would let it know about my feelings in hopes that it would not taste icky. If you are experiencing the same reservations about lemon desserts, I suggest you let your feelings be known to the pudding before adding it.
4. Prepare your cupcake pan with the cupcake dresses. As you pour in your cupcake batter, tell the cupcakes that they are lovely and beautiful. You can even sing them a song about their beauty and how you long to see them ready. By showering your desserts with affection, this will allow them to fill up with what I like to call “Baking Loff” which makes the cakes extra fluffy.
5. Bake the cupcakes for 13-16 minutes or do the toothpick test. Pierce one of your cupcakes, if its innards are all over the toothpick, you must let them bake for longer.
6. Once the cupcakes are a bit cooled, sprinkle them with powdered sugar.

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