New Hobby!


Hello all! I’ve gotten into sewing. I’ve always wanted to sew. I just never really took the time to get the equipment or take any classes. However, I have taken 4 sewing classes with the lovely Carol from Carol’s Learn To Sew and I have learned so much. I am enamored with sewing. It’s a beautiful art and I plan to continue working on my craft FOREVER. If you are in the Dallas area and would like to take some sewing classes, I compel you to give Carol a call and schedule your class. She is a sweetheart. She’s passionate about sewing and makes her classes an absolute thrill to take.

For this post, I’ll show you guys my skirts! I’ve been using two different patterns and I have finally gotten the hang of it. I’m still very new to sewing but I’m very excited to have gotten the hang of a few things. This week Carol taught me how to sew a gathered skirt with pockets. Who knew making pockets took so much effort?! She also taught me how to match my fabrics.

Here are a few of the skirts I’ve made:

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  1. Your skirts are fabulous! It’s always worth every back ache or time you spent when you see the finished products. 😉 I miss sewing. 🙁
    Btw, your new place is lovely. 😀

      1. I was in Live Shows costuming right out of high school, theme parks, cruise ships, back to theme parks. During my last year on ships, I was given a chance to work with some great chefs aboard 🙂 and then went to school, had my own catering while going back and working in theme parks again…then things changed at that park…for me is was not for the good…so I left and begun my life full-time working with food as I then came into the world of grocery stores working as chef by making dishes that people would take home and just re-heat… I do miss the theater life style for sure, but I still have tons of friends in the biz and get to see them in shows when they tour and come into town 🙂
        So I do have a great “creative” side for sure!!!

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