Tearaway Game Review



Let me just start by saying that this game is beautiful. The art style is very quirky. It’s truly unlike anything I have ever seen be done before. In Tearaway, you play as a little paper person (who you can friggin’ customize to look incredibly adorable or sophisticated… I don’t know what you’re into!) who is on a journey to deliver a message to the “Sun” or well, you, the player. Throughout, your journey through this world, which is created entirely out of paper, you will encounter many obstacles. These said obstacles will require you to make use almost all of the fancy PS Vita features. You know what I mean, the camera, the touch screen, and the back touch screen thing (I’m sure that’s the technical term).
The game within itself is immersive but not to the point where you cannot simply just pick up and play. I, for example, enjoy playing this game before bed. It helps me unwind at the end of the day. It also has wonderful replay value, I find myself replaying levels just too take a look at what I might have missed. If you’re looking for a beautiful game that is well worth your time and money, I’ve got your purchase right here.

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