What I loved and possibly will continue loving during the month of March


I like things and stuff. I’m sure we all like things and stuff. Some of us don’t like consumerism, and that’s understandable. However, I enjoy some stuff and these are the things I have been enjoying:

Okay, I have two of these Pacifica lotions.  You can get these at Target or at Ulta or their website. I’ve tried Pacifica products before and have always been somewhat of a fan but I am enamored by these scents and overall feel of these products. I love guava and coconut. Have I mentioned I was born and raised on a tropical island? That might be why I love these so much. But I’m sure it doesn’t take an island child to appreciate these fruity scents.


Winter is horrible. This is my second year experiencing snow and freezing temperatures and I am not a fan. Yes, snow is incredibly beautiful and I love that whole Christmassy feeling you get around wintertime. Nevertheless, I am done. My skin hates it and my lips are so chapped! I tried everything out there until I was recommended Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream.  This stuff is a Godsend. If you’re having chapped lips and do not want to suffer any longer, then you will be relieved to know that if you put this on those chapped old lips you will have beautiful lips in no time!


Okay, dry shampoo isn’t gross. IT ISN’T! It’s really useful and way better than hairspray. I love Batiste! Well, I love the one for dark hair because the normal one leaves my hair looking like I aged 20 years. Here is a picture of the can and possibly my hand:

NYX Buttergloss in Angel Food Cake is incredible. I am not the type to wear this kind of color. I like deep berry colors are you know, lip balm, or nothing! I chose this color in order to push myself into a more springy direction, I am incredibly happy with my decision. If you’re low maintenance like me and don’t like overly sticky glosses that go everywhere! These glosses really are a no brainer.

Now to snacks! I’ve been loving the lemon flavored Golden Oreos. They taste just like my childhood and remind me of summer. Oreo better keep these around!
imageMedia favorites are next! I had posted this on the WordPress phone application but apparently, it doesn’t seem to like me very much. I have two media favorites: The Powerpuff Girls which was a television show and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds which is a video game. I love The Powerpuff girls or how my mother likes to call them: “The Powderpuffs”. I’m pretty much the embodiment of Bubbles. I’ll be reviewing the Zelda game once I finish playing it, for now, I’ve been enjoying both these things during my downtime.




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  1. Wow, what a coincidence! I also love things and stuff! However, I wasn’t born or raised on a tropical island. Unless you consider South Dakota a tropical island.

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