I've Been Missing, I Know.


Hello readers!

It’s been a while, I know. I pretty much broke my back and then went back home to visit family. I am now going through physical therapy and feeling waaaaaaaaaay better. I still don’t really understand how it happened but it did (boooooo).
May was a pretty eventful month! I took some pretty lovely pictures. I discovered some new video games, authors, and makeup, all of which, I intend to review and put up on this blog! I have a few posts lined up so please stay tuned. That’s one of the pictures! ME! That’s me!

HAMU by Vivienne Vermuth and Photography by Dee Hill

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  1. Welcome back! Sorry to hear such horrific news! Back pain can be pretty dibilitating. I know I have a bad one (scoliosis) but mine is more of a chronic pain. Sounds like you had a bad injury. Can’t wait to hear about your video game discoveries. What are your thoughts on E3?

    1. Scoliosis is very difficult to live with 🙁 I have a herniated disk which proceeded to pinch my sciatic nerve. It wasn’t fun. I’m really happy with E3. Microsoft did an aaaamaaazing job and Nintendo as well. I’m a little disappointed with Sony though. I’m also worried about my wallet. I need so many of these new games. I’m really excited for the new Fable game.

      1. It comes and goes, but almost everyday it causes pain. That herniated disc sounds like the worst though. I wonder how it even happens? Back nerves and vertibrae seem so random, that it seems like even someone who does yoga can mess themselves up with just a tweak.

        That Fable game seemed really cool, though I haven’t really played the others yet, so I would be a little lost. I can’t wait for that Borderlands pre sequel and saw quite a few games for Xbox. Nintendo did a commendable job, but still not enough, though the Zelda game seems promising.

        1. Dude, That new Zelda game and no waggle crap since Nintendo saw the light with that wiimote business. I’m playing the new one for 3DS (fairly new) which I’ll be reviewing this week. It’s pretty good.

          1. You know, most Zelda’s are awesome, but for some reason I can’t seem to get into them. I’m one of those weird Nintendo fan’s that doesn’t love Zelda. I only got to the first temple of Skyward sword and just couldn’t get into it. I think that is why I’m more of an Xbox guy now.

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