Coming to Terms with Your Quirkiness

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Here’s a picture of me being a unicorn. I am whatever I want to be.

I’ve been called a few adjectives in my day. The one used most commonly is “quirky”. I remember the first time I was every called quirky. I laughed it off, I had no idea what it meant and as soon as I got home I grabbed my dictionary (because I didn’t have a computer at age 11 or pretty much up to the age of 18) and discovered that it wasn’t a bad thing to be called. However, the older I became the more obsessed I was about coolness. I wanted to appear cool, aloof in a way. I wanted to be a grungy, mysterious, alluring kind of punk star that wasn’t like other girls! I couldn’t wear girly things. Anything “girly” was out of a question. In other words, I was a complete butt-hole. I refused to become interested in makeup, although I really wanted to, just because I didn’t want to be like others. I loved pretty colors and dresses but I couldn’t wear them because “what would they think?”. You see, being a girl that was interested in video games, comics, superheros, or anything deemed for boys meant you had to be really very careful. Anything, I mean anything could be used to discredit your HARDCORE GEEK STATUS. And to a teen, nothing is more important than what you believe defines you. Back then, I really thought that I couldn’t let my guard down or like other things that weren’t geeky because  I’d be deemed some sort of “poser” and I would die of shame and be miserable forever. Now, here’s the secret. Nobody really cares! AND, if there are some people who choose to care and try to hurt you in any way in regards to your choices, be grateful that you no longer have to associate with them because you don’t need that negativity in your life.

You see, you can be anything you want to be. You are ALLOWED to like anything you have the inclination to like. You can get excited about the smallest most precious things and it’s perfectly okay. You are not defined by what society deems cool. As an adult, it’s taken me to allow myself to be “girly”. I’ve started wearing things that make me happy and make me feel comfortable. COLORS! SPARKLES! Video Games! Movies! I love it all. Loving these things does not make me anything but me. I have come to the point in my life where I am going to embrace things I am interested in and not be worried about what others may think of my interests.

It’s honestly not worth it. How sad would life be if you constantly lived in fear of someone calling you a hypocrite or poser based on their ridiculous ideals of what being a geek, girly, tomboyish, or hipster means.

There is one thing I’d like for everyone to take away from this post and that is just be yourself. Whatever that may be. Unless you’re a butt-hole and then I encourage you to remedy that situation.


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