A Review… sort of: South Park: The Stick of Truth



THIS GAME! *breathes*

Everyone knows what South Park is. If by some reason you have no idea what South Park is… o.o who are you? Where have you been? and, which planet are you from? Click on this and educate yourself. 

So, I’m not the biggest South Park fan. I grew up watching the show but I’m not avidly seeking or watching this program. Nevertheless, I was really interested in the South Park: The Stick of Truth video game. It’s an adventure RPG based entirely on the characters you grew up with. It seemed fun and it was, for a while, until the glitches. The storytelling is fantastic and the world is much more interactive that I had initially expected. However, it friggin’ glitches like craaaazy. I bought my copy through Steam, so I’m playing the PC version, if that makes any difference to all of y’all.

You’ll encounter bits and pieces that will definitely pull at your heartstrings (MY CHILDHOOD!). You’ll be laughing in no time, you’ll also be cringing. The game begins with you, the player, having just moved to South Park and are tasked with making friends by your parents. It starts innocently enough until you are thrown into this amazing adventure between two clans. It’s fun! It really is… but it’s also really frustrating.

There’s this farting magic technique that LITERALLY BLOWS (ba dum tiss). It was the absolutely one of the worst parts of the game. If you didn’t get it the first time, the teacher would repeat THE ENTIRE process over. It will definitely drive you bonkers.

But it’s also hilarious, the writing is fantastic, and the world is incredibly interactive.

I give this little gem 6 out of ten Cheesy Puff Bags.


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