Julep Maven: An Awesome Nail Polish Subscription Service


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I’m officially a subscription box addict. I love them. I like to try them at least for a while. Some subscriptions are good while others aren’t worth the hype. My friend Lisa introduced me to Julep Maven. She showed me her treasure trove of products and I could not resist. She’s such an adorable temptress that Lisa.

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Julep Maven is a monthly subscription service that is mainly composed of nail products. I know that when someone refers to Julep, I always think of nail polish but NO! They sell cosmetics too! You don’t have to limit yourself to nail polish and that excites me. To become a Maven all you have to do is go to Julep’s site I got my first for free and yes, that’s still going on. You take a quiz and pick your monthly plan, which you can choose to change at any time, and around the 20-24th of each month, you will be sent your options all of which you can change and even add products at a out-of-this-world discounted price. To clarify, this isn’t my free box, I actually paid for this month’s subscription because OMG JUST LOOK AT THOSE COLORS! But my first box was incredibly. Oh! Before I forget, you can also skip months if nothing catches your fancy.

2014-10-05 14.54.52Okay, so not only are these nail polishes beautifully amazing, they’re also incredibly long lasting, and fast drying. I am not a patient woman. I tend to ALWAYS mess up my nails. Nope. Not this time, Nail Polish Gods! I am taken care of by the kind people of Julep.

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Did you see that candy corn? THEY SENT ME CANDY, PEOPLE! In all honesty, this is one of the most good looking subscription boxes I have ever beheld. They have stuffed little black worms because, HALLOWEEN. The products are wrapped, cradled even by this beautiful orange and sparkly tissue paper. As soon as you open this package, you feel fantastic and cared for.

So if you’re interested, give that link a click and try your first Julep Maven box for free!

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Aren’t they pretty! Those were my nails right after painting them, I didn’t clean them up or anything for this picture because I’m raw and honest like that… or maybe lazy. No, no. Totally raw and real.


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