Did You Know? Time Away

I love this saying. It's from Steven Universe and it's pretty amazing.  It's made by Danny Brito   who is a fantastic seller on Etsy.

I love this saying. It’s from Steven Universe and it’s pretty amazing. It’s made by Danny Brito who is a fantastic seller on Etsy.

I’ve been having one of those weeks. You know the type.

Those couple of days where you feel like shutting everything off and just disappearing for a while. It’s not because of others it’s just something you need to do in order to recharge your batteries. That’s the main reason why I haven’t posted on this blog for a few days. I was just hiding. Recharging! Figuring things out, in a way. I like to live inside of my head most of the time. It takes a bit to understand what I mean. My sister Ruthy is an expert at understanding exactly what I mean. Damian is an expert in understanding me too. He claims he has a PhD in Mely. I’m pretty lucky to have such amazing people in my life. I mean, I don’t have to put any kind of effort into explaining myself with them. They just know. 

Did you know?

Alone time is not only required but it’s absolutely the best time. You aren’t being selfish and if you are, even if it’s for that bit, it’s cool! You don’t have to please everyone all the time. You need time for you. Quiet time! I’m a huge fan of quiet time. Not in social situations, of course. I’m pretty social person. I’m usually upbeat and bubbly. Do you like twirling? I’m all about it. Nevertheless, I do require some time in my quiet place with my books, video games, and always my dog. 

Anyway, I’d like to know what’s your quiet time? Do you ever feel bad about taking some time for yourself? And if you do, could you explain why? I’ve always wondered if this was just my anxiety being a bum and making me feel bad about something I definitely don’t need to. 

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