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Hello everyone from gamers to cake enthusiasts, I’m Melisa but you can call me Mely. I’m the writer and creator of Warm Toasty Muffins where I cover an array of geeky topics, video games, beauty, baking, or whatever catches my fancy. There are many things that I enjoy, most of which, I cannot wait to share with you.

Let us begin this written adventure!



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  1. Thanks for following my blog. I hope you find a few recipes to try out sometime. I’ve got a nice selection of healthy and non-healthy! If you try one, please let me know how it turns out.

    1. It’s a wonderful blog! I couldn’t help but follow it. You have some unique recipes on here. I’ll definitely give some of them a try and get back to you.

  2. I’ve recently switched my food blog over to be self-hosted which I hope will make it more user-friendly in the future. As a result, if you were following Can’t Stay Out of the Kitchen via email, WordPress, or using RSS feeds through Google Reader or some other way, you are no longer subscribed. If you wish to continue receiving future posts from my blog you will need to re-subscribe. Sorry for the inconvenience, Teresa.

    1. Teresa, I tried following your blog but it kept giving me an error. I will try again tomorrow. It’s wonderful that you are now self-hosting your site. I’ll definitely re-follow.

  3. Hello there Mely! Lovely to discover your gorgeous blog. You’re definitely a girl after my own heart… I love cake (all baked treats, actually!) and all sorts of nerdy things make their way into our household! Thanks for the follow, and glad to be following you back. Can’t wait to try some of your beautiful recipes x

    1. Did you say, “nerdy things and cake”? Well, those are subjects that pertain to my interests. I foresee us getting along swimmingly! And of course I couldn’t help but follow your beautiful blog. Those images alone, are enough to entice the strictest and grumpiest dieter!

  4. Melisa great blog you have here. I love the name you have given it as well as the lay out. Very delectable as well as all of your recipes. I seen you over at Kim’s blog (Treasured Recipes) and clicked over to see yours.

    I would like to invite you to view Fun with food ( and follow Us if you wish. We would appreciate your readership, visits and comments.

    Meantime, I look forward to more from Warm Toasty Muffin. 🙂

    Chef Randall

    1. I am so glad you’ve stopped by! Thank you for you kind words. As of now, I am following your delectable blog. I have to say, I’m enjoying your hands-on approach to your recipes. It makes everything so much more clearer!

      1. Thanks Melisa for your recent visit to my blog. Thanks for following and don’t forget to leave your e-mail to receive recent posts to Fun with Food. Our web site is also Savor the Food at www.


  5. Hi Mely…..thanks for visiting my cat Sammy’s blog. Do you have cats of your own? Your recipes sound delicious and I hope you have your own bakery one day – keep your dream alive because anything is possible!

    Pam (Sam’s Mom)

    1. I did! I had three kitties but now they live with my parents. I miss them so, so, so, so much! I have to admit, your kitty is what brought me to your blog. However, it is a wonderful blog and I enjoy your upbeat writing style. Thank you for your compliments and well-wishes. I’ll try my hardest to accomplish my dreams!

  6. Hi Mely.

    My name is Kevin Gillespie, but I do prefer to be called Kev. :). I live in Wales. :).

    Thank You for Following my Blog, MUCH Appreciated. I am now Following back. :).

    Best Wishes. 🙂

  7. Hi Melisa, (love your name!!) thank you for liking Foodbod’s write up about me at my blog the glen house today. Come back and visit me any time! xx

  8. I’d like to invite you to participate in a new challenge that I am hosting at to bring together the beer, wine, and food blogging worlds. As you may know, each month I host a Beer Versus Wine Pairing Challenge inviting readers to suggestion their perfect pairing with a monthly dish. I decided to make the challenge even more engaging by turning the challenge into a contest with bragging rights. Each month a dish will be presented. Bloggers have a week to post their perfect pairing and why in the comments section. The following week, I will summarize the comments in a post for a vote. The winner not only earns bragging rights but also the honor of coming up with the following month’s dish.

    Right now the contest will be hosted at Future plans involve a breakout sight and a badge to post back on your blog. I welcome you to join the challenge as it begins today with Beer Battered Fish (


  9. I searched your blog for a way to contact you, but couldn’t find anything! Please send a contact request on NautilusMODE; I’d like to do a collab! Keep up the great work!!

    1. Nice to meet you too! I’ll be honest, the name of your blog was what caused me to click on it. I was even happier to see that your blog was equally as awesome as its title! It’s nice to meet you too.

  10. Hello Melisa, I found your blog through your comment on my blog, and I love your blog!!! I’m totally a cake enthusiast and love all the other things you write about too. Just subscribed to your blog and now stalking you on FB and Twitter too. Looking forward to reading more.

    1. That’s fantastic! Consider yourself my new Internet friend. I’ve officially followed your blog WHICH I LOVE! And I’m also following you on twitter.

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