Masa de Pastelillos

Masa de pastelillo en reposo bien cool

Am I just going to waltz back on here with a new recipe and not even bother checking this weird new WordPress format on how to start blog posts?

Pastelillo baby bien cute

Yes, yes I am.

Pastelillos are what most Latinos call “Empanadas”. However, I am from Aguadilla, Puerto Rico where we call these “Pastelillos”. I get that a lot of people have a lot of feelings about what you call these but regionalisms happen, so how about we chill and read this recipe I’ve figured out through my mother’s ambiguous measuring methods and instructions? Cool. 🙂

What you’ll need:

2 Cups of All Purpose flour
1/4 C of Vegetable oil (dry measuring cups not fl)
2 (TBS) Salt for the Water but I legit did not measure this you wanted salted enough that it tastes of the sea because we’re tropical here.

*To make them especially Aguadilla-like in color, warm up the vegetable oil with some sprinkles of SAZÓN and stir until you see it turn a darker golden/orange color. Remove from heat and use a cheesecloth to strain the sazón bits. Wait for the oil to cool before adding it to your flour volcano*

On a clean surface area, add your two cups of all-purpose flour but think about MOUNTAINS and make a little dome right in the center or your mountain while thinking about VOLCANOES.

What do volcanoes do? They erupt but this isn’t science class this is masa class. Take your vegetable oil and while thinking/looking at your flour volcano, add that lava BUT not all at once, you’ll want to pour it about 3 (separate) times while folding the dough into itself.

Once you’re done with the oil, you’ll want to start pouring the water into the dough and folding it in like you were doing in the oil part. You will NOT use the entire 8 oz. It’s just easier to measure it out this way. I asked my mother why I had to use an entire 8oz and she just said it was better safe than to be sorry. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUALMS TAKE THEM UP WITH HER 🙂

You’ll probably end up using about 2-3 oz.

You will want to fold and roll up your dough until it takes the shape of a “SMALL BOTTOM” (or butt, if you will). Yes, it will resemble a small bottom. I saw my mother make it and then I’ve made variations of this recipe and EACH TIME THERE IS A BOTTOM. Once you’ve reached the “bottom” phase you’ll want to start rolling it into the “Worm” phase.


Once you’ve reached the worm phase you’ll want to roll the dough into this little rolly guy down bellow. The masa is going to nap (covered) for 30 minutes to 1 hour. I do not make these ahead of time. I wouldn’t freeze masa. It’s easier to make it and use it right away. Just make it. This recipe is good for immediate use. I’ve kept it in the fridge for up to 3 hours.

Relaxing Masa for 30 minutes

Use a nice sharp knife to cut your masa. Never pull on your masa. Be nice to your masa. Now fill your masa with your favorite fillings, fry that boy, and enjoy.

Emo Pastelillo ready for consumption

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