Skin Care: The Basics

Skin Care

  You’ve got skin? I bet cha do. We’ve all got skin! Our entire body is covered  in it. We always hear about taking care of our health. Watch what you eat, y’all! Exercise! However, no one ever really tells you anything about how to take care of your skin. They just say “Drink plenty …

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Fancy Hot Chocolate


Chriiiistmaaaas! la, la, la laaaaa! CHRISTMAAAS! la, la, la, la, laaaaa! It’s been unusually cold here in the big old state of Texas and we’ve literally had hot chocolate for the past three days. I’ve got a few recipes down but this one is definitely my favorite.

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Spring Time Fun


Is anyone else as enthused, stoked, motivated, and just overall into how close Spring is? This winter wasn’t brutal. Let’s be honest here… specially for us here in Dallas. This winter was a breeze! I hardly had to layer up which is crazy. We didn’t have any freak snow storms or anything. Well… we did …

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Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake Empanadas


Hello my wonderful wintery friends! Today was just one of those days where you think about a quick treat you desperately want and do all in your power to make it. These pumpkin pie cheesecake empanadas were something I dreamt up last night. I needed these pumpkin pie cheesecake empanadas  in my stomach, desperately. I couldn’t last more than …

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