Peanut Butter Blossoms


Peanut butter is some kind of miraculous ingredient that makes everything better, isn’t it? I mean, I can’t get enough of it. As I was baking these cookies, I dipped some of the unwrapped kisses into the melted peanut butter and was immediately taken to a land of deliciousness. I suggest you try this when baking these.

This recipe is a classic but a goodie. I’m pretty sure everyone has their own peanut butter blossom recipe. Here’s mine, y’all! Continue reading

White Chocolate Reese’s Cup Cookies

Hello my beautiful baking bunnies! In honor of discounted Easter candies, these decadently delicious cookies were created. I was inspired by hunger. There was nothing glamorous or magical about this inspiration. I was just plain ol’ hungry. Continue reading

Story of Seasons: I’m About to Explode I’m so Excited and You Should be Too

This image was retrieved from the Harvest Moon Wikia:

This image was retrieved from the Harvest Moon Wikia:

Everyone! Everyone! Story of Seasons will be unleashed in 3 days. I REPEAT, 3 DAYS! Are you ready? Have you prepared some food because you will have no time to be preparing food because your hands will be tied up harvesting, petting pets, farm animals, and possibly marriage candidates.  Continue reading

Tiny Hands Necklace of the Month Club

Tiny Hands Warm Toasty Muffins

Hello my fellow bloggers, readers, people, aliens, fellow unicorns, or whatever you associate yourself as,

I’m here to tell you about this fantabulous business known as Tiny Hands and their incredibly unique necklace of the month subscription service. If you love food, cute, delicious, and quirky things, you’ll absolutely love these products. Mei Pak is the owner and creator of Tiny Hands which is a local business in Minneapolis, United States that’s right these products are handmade in the U S OF A! If you’ve been one of my readers for a while, you’ll know how strongly I feel about supporting local crafters and small business owners in general.

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The Chocolate Toffee Deluxe Cookie Now With Pretzels


Warm Toasty Muffins Cookies

I’ve been wanting to shove pretzels into my cookies for the longest time. I’ve never wanted to be gentle about it. I’ve felt this desperate need to destroy pretzels and just throw them into cookie dough for a while now. I will experience no feelings of remorse when I do this. I will only feel desire for delicious cookie noms. This recipe was plainly inspired by my desire to destroy pretzels and stuff them into cookie dough. Nothing more, nothing less. This desire has been satiated.  Continue reading

Makeup: Because I’m a Strong Independent Woman Also Because Milani’s Rose Powder Blushes Are AMAZIIIIING


I know… I might have gone a little overboard with that title. No, no I didn’t. You guys need to stop judging me. I am my own woman and I can write what I please. That title seems perfectly fine to me. Now, enough banter. I am not here to argue. Well, maybe I am! No, no I’m not. Continue reading

BeautyCon Dallas : A Scam

The only pretty picture I managed at BeautyCon.

The only pretty picture I managed at BeautyCon.

I was really excited for BeautyCon. I love makeup. I love art. I generally love gatherings that bring people together who are passionate about the same things in different ways. I honestly thought BeautyCon was about this. It most certainly was not. It was a scam. I cannot begin to articulate how absolutely disheartening, disillusioned, and disappointed I felt when I stepped into that sad convention center (if you could call it that) and witnessed what I did. Where do I start? Where? I’m genuinely at a lost. You know what? Let me start from the beginning. I found out about BeautyCon through social media, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. It was pretty much everywhere. All the YouTubers I followed were going. A lot of the ones I consider talented and genuine individuals were associating themselves with this con so I thought to myself, “Wow! This must really be something else!”. Actually, before I continue, I’d like to abundantly clear that I am not a novice con goer; I’ve gone to many cons and know what cons should look like. There’s a sort of protocol, a look, an aesthetic, an overall feel to a con, if you will. BeautyCon Dallas did not meet any of these requirements. Continue reading