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Hey guys, so this is going to be a little different and if you have no interest in cake decorating or my ramblings then this is not the post for you.

In the beginning of October, I took the very first Wilton cake decorating course at my local Michaels. To put it simply, IT WAS FRIGGIN’ FANTASTIC AND I LOVED IT! The instructor was so incredibly sweet and oh-so-knowledgeable that I impulsively signed up for the following three courses! I could not believe how much I had learned in a month’s time. I’d recommend these courses to any aspiring cake designer. They’re always on sale and it’s a good way to learn a few basic decorating skills. Plus, Michaels always has coupons. Always.

Final Project for the Wilton Decorating Course 1

During my first course, I didn’t take many pictures of my failed attempts since they’d be completely soul crushing to relive, but I did take some of my final project. Guys, I feel like I cannot stress enough how new I am at the whole decorating thing. Let me just put it this way, I’m so new it hurts. It physically hurts… Anyway, this month I just began taking courses 2 and 3 and thought about posting some of my attempts on here.

Pansy and stamped flower Wilton Course 2

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