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I’ve been nominated for another WordPress type of award. In this case, it’s the Liebster Award and the lovely lady behind the nomination is Lovely Buns. Thanks, Candy for the nomination! I’m so flattered. I’ve been working very hard on my blog and will continue to do so in the following year.

These are the rules for accepting this award: 1.Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you. 2.Acknowledge that blogger on your blog and link back.3.Answer the 11 questions proposed by the blogger who nominated you.4.Select up to 11 people for the award. 5.Pose 11 new questions to the new nominees. 6.Copy and paste the award on your blog somewhere

Lovely Buns asked me these wonderful questions:

My questions for the nominees:

1. roses or daisies? Daisies, most definitely.

2. people or pets? Oh! Well, I’d have to say CATS! So, pets.

3. sweet or savoury? I love all that is sweet.

4. solitude or crowds? Solitude. I’m not too big on crowds.

5. soap or shower gel? Both! Shower gel but only vanilla scented ones.

6. glacé icing or butter cream? Butter cream all the way!

7. hot or cold? Hot!

8. hand written or email? This is so hard! It really depends, but I guess email.

9. early or late? Late, I am a total night owl.

10. angels or demons? Angels!

11. early mornings or late nights? Late nights 🙂

I’ve been lucky enough to have found some very nice blogs that I would also like to nominate:

1. East Bay Bounty

2. Erin’s DC Kitchen

3. Cookie Talk

4. Lea & Jay

5. Cookin and Shooting

My question for the nominees:

1. Crunch or Hershey’s Almond bar?

2. Movies or Books?

3. Adventure or napping?

4. Junk food or health food?

5. Apples or oranges?

6. Hot chocolate or Coffee?

7. Christmas or Halloween?

8. White bread or whole wheat?new

9. Snow or rain?

10. Beaches or mountains?

11. Cats or dogs?

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