Moving Sucks Massive Colorful Marbles


In my last post, I briefly mentioned moving to Texas. It’s been a week and so far… WE’VE JUST GOT OUR INTERNET INSTALLED! I am without my baking utensils or a bed, as a matter of fact. This lack of activity in the kitchen has made me experience somewhat of an epiphany; I have become far to reliant of material possessions. On the other hand, I need my mixing bowls and the universe will just have to deal with my materialistic needs. What am I to do? I cannot forage in the middle of such a large city! It’s covered in cement! Which is what I usually yell out when I’m having an episodic existential crisis.

I will, however, provide some new recipes this following week WITH OR WITHOUT my mixing bowls. The moving company has promised that our things should be arriving on Monday. Unfortunately, I no longer trust these customer service representatives and will expect the worst. Nevertheless, my dear friends, I will get back to creating goodies! I’ve missed WordPress horribly!

Anyway, you should expect Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies by next week. I promise.

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  1. Can’t wait to see your new recipes! I will be going through the same pain in about a month, granted I am not making as big a move as you’ve done, but at any rate-moving does suck!! Hope all of your stuff arrives speedily and safely!

  2. oh yes, i hate moving and you know what? my boxes from melbourne since feb this year are still unopened, hahaha… that’s why i haven’t been cooking much and doing more food tasting eating out instead. good luck on settling in and see your recipe posts soon. 😀

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