The Wolf Among Us

"Fables Telltale Logo" by Licensed under Fair use of copyrighted material in the context of The Wolf Among Us via Wikipedia -
“Fables Telltale Logo” by Licensed under Fair use of copyrighted material in the context of The Wolf Among Us via Wikipedia –

Fairy tales are awesome. They are. There’s nothing more to it. The Wolf Among Us is an amazing fairly new (2013 is fairly new, okay!) episodic adventure game that will rock your socks off. The last episode or Episdoe 5 was released about a week ago and was the action-packed season finale. If you’re into storytelling and enjoy role playing games, then this is the title for you. I quite like a both so once I started, I could not put it down. Additionally, The Wolf Among Us is a prequel to  the Fable comics. If you have not read them, get off your bodacious bottom and grab at least the first couple of issues. Trust me, once you start reading, you will be unable to stop.

In this game, you play as the Big Bad Wolf AKA Bigby. I don’t generally think of the Big Bad Wolf when I think of fairy tales but oh my dear me, I want to be Bigby. I want to be Bigby so badly. Bigby is the cool chain-smoking sheriff of Fabletown in charge of pretty much keeping the peace. This game is all about interactive storytelling and decision making. Your choices will without a doubt affect the outcome of your story.  You can pretty much choose how you would like Bigby’s personality to unfold. You could be the wild and untameable wolf or the kindhearted justice-seeking sheriff.

If you have not played The Wolf Among Us then DO IT NOW! What are you even waiting for?! It’s amazing. It’s refreshing! You can get it pretty much get it on any console or on your computer! Now, I’m off to find a way to make myself a nice pair of wolf ears.

OH! Before I go, I intend to start streaming a playthrough of The Wolf Among Us and many other games on Twitch. Follow me at: memnerz if you’d like to watch the steam before actually committing to purchasing the game or have no actual intention of purchasing this game and would rather just watch it. Either way, I’m cool with whatever you’d like to do.

I give The Wolf Among Us 298 Little Piggies out of 300


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