Age appropriateness? GAH!


I’m an adult. I am an adult with actual money. As a kid, I never thought things were meant for children or others for adults. I just believed that you had likes and dislikes. Why? Why did we as a culture decide that it’s okay to label something and then belittle, judge, and be a horrible piece of crud to someone that does not agree with our ridiculous labels? I can’t begin to express how many idiotic articles I’ve read about how someone should dress more age appropriate or how cartoons are childlike or how as an adult I need to stop having bowls of cereals for dinner. Looky here, Internet! I am an adult. I make my own choices. If I decide to watch all of the Steven Universe episodes in one sitting, I’m going to friggin’ do that. How about I eat a bowl of the most unhealthy cereal I find? Yup! It’s going to happen.

Now, I like a lot of things. I mainly like things that make me happy like every other human on the planet. I think that life is about doing, living, wearing, and eating things that make you happy. If purchasing that cupcake pattern dress is what makes you happy, do it! If you’re 40 and love Spongebob then more power to you! Spongebob is pretty amazing! Do not! Do not confuse childlike to childish. Do not! Do not throw age appropriateness around with the intention of humiliating or belittling someone else. Life is entirely what you make it. Do things that will make you happy. Now, I’m not saying have a bowl of sugary cereal every single night. You have to also take care of yourself. All I’m saying is that how about we learn to love each other for who we are instead of trying to make everyone the same?

What you find fashionable and appropriate for your age may not be my same idea. It doesn’t make you or me wrong what it makes us is different. I love different. I thrive on it. How about we all just enjoy our individuality too?

Here’s me wearing a flower crown I made because I love flowers and I love crowns. Look how age appropriate I look 🙂

Me looking super age appropriate whilst rocking my awesome handmade flower crown. I made that with my hands. I know, it's pretty cool.
Me looking super age appropriate whilst rocking my awesome handmade flower crown. I made that with my hands. I know, it’s pretty cool.



14 thoughts on “Age appropriateness? GAH!”

    1. You should always do what makes you happy. I love games by Nintendo! Some people think they’re childish. Those people can go away and will not have my friend code. Plus, video games rule and so do you!

  1. Everything you do is age appropriate. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. One thing I love about being a grown up is that I get to make my own decisions. Don’t do grown up things because you think you have to. A younger you would admire you more if you didn’t.

    1. This is excellent advice. You’re right. I used to give age appropriateness a lot of thought. Luckily, I realized that by being so worried about what others thought I wasn’t really living my own life or being true to myself.

  2. Wow, you made that yourself?! Congratulations.
    By the way, I completely agree. I am sick of labels, and how people get their panties in a bunch when you have a different opinion than the “mainstream” opinion. It’s like they’ve never heard of critical thinking or independence. The herd instinct is too strong with these ones! And they’re never going to be as happy this way if only they exercised a little independence sometimes… Gosh! Thanks for this article though, I was beginning to think I was the only one who felt this way.
    LOVE your blog by the way! And you look totally age appropriate, don’t worry 😉 haha
    x (sorry, mandatory & shameless self-advertising..sorry! hihi)

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