Did You Know? Loving Your Job

Did You Know?
This is my dog Bowser being a dog. He loves being a dog. He's very passionate about his doggy duties.
This is my dog Bowser being a dog. He loves being a dog. He’s very passionate about his doggy duties.

There’s something awe inducing about meeting people who are passionate about what they do there aren’t many people like that. I’ve been lucky enough to meet a few. They’re so inspiring! It makes me want to be more passionate about my work too. GETTING MY BUM IN GEAR! It’s impressive because not a lot of people love what they work in. I’ve met more people who are unhappy with their jobs and I’ve met people who love doing what they work in. It’s made me put things into perspective.

Did you know?

There will be times where you will work in a field you don’t like. You will feel unmotivated, miserable, and even angry because it’s something that feels insufficient. You may just be in that situation because you have no other alternative. I’ve thought about this. I’ve also been in a situation where I’ve worked in an environment that was stifling. In these cases, your attitude will make a difference. You can make the best of it and try to make a plan in which you could possibly work somewhere else doing something that drives you. If you chose to be negative or angry about your situation without either finding a way out or making the best of it, you will become more frustrated.

Sometimes it’s better to leave something that isn’t making you happy than staying in it and making everyone around you miserable too. If you don’t have a choice then maybe dedicate some time to doing the things you love. If you work hard enough, hobbies can sometimes become professions and who knows, maybe you’ll be your own boss someday.




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