Fancy Hot Chocolate


Chriiiistmaaaas! la, la, la laaaaa! CHRISTMAAAS! la, la, la, la, laaaaa! It’s been unusually cold here in the big old state of Texas and we’ve literally had hot chocolate for the past three days. I’ve got a few recipes down but this one is definitely my favorite.

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Spring Time Fun


Is anyone else as enthused, stoked, motivated, and just overall into how close Spring is? This winter wasn’t brutal. Let’s be honest here… specially for us here in Dallas. This winter was a breeze! I hardly had to layer up which is crazy. We didn’t have any freak snow storms or anything. Well… we did …

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ColourPop: Cosmetics Review


Hello makeup enthusiasts! I’ve been trying out some new products for the past month. I might be a bit obsessed with makeup and when I’m suggested a new brand of cosmetics, I will friggin’ try them out so hard. This month’s line is ColourPop cosmetics. ColourPop was pleasantly thrown at my face by my friend Katrina. Katrina knows …

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