How to make your own funky earring studs!



If you’re like me, you’re pretty darn weird. You’re weird and allergic to all sorts of metals going anywhere near your earholes. You’ve also lived your life desperately wanting cute earrings that didn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Unfortunately, funky yet cute earrings don’t exist for people like us. We, we have to take matters into our own hands.

Give me your hand, fellow weird person and let me teach you the art of button earring making!

I’ve been collecting odd buttons for 4 years now. Why? No idea. If it’s cute and cheap, I want it. I figured I’d learn how to sew and sew said buttons unto some clothes. I am learning how to sew, however, I’ve decided I rather have my buttons turned into earrings. I thought they’d be more practical this way.


Now, you’ll need glue. I wouldn’t use hot glue because I’m not entirely sure what hot glue would do to plastic. I use E6000. It’s pretty handy and it doesn’t burn you. You can get E6000 at any craft store or even Amazon. Go get it!

Second step: Buy buttons. I don’t know what kind. Maybe just plain ol’ buttons or some with dragons on them. Go crazy! Get in your car. Drive to Hobby Lobby, JoAnns, or Michaels and stroll about their buttons section. Choose the button that sings to you. Yes, the one that sings “hello, youuuuuu! I see you loooookin’ at meeeeee. I think you neeeed me in youuuur earholeeees. Imaaa make you looook fly”. Then proceed to purchase said buttons, thank the clerk for his or her’s amazing customer service, then get in your car, and get your beautiful bod home.

Third step: Order some sterling silver studs. I get mine from Rio Grande. Some craft stores sell them so try those places first.

Fourth step: Get a snack. Crafting is hard work. You can’t do it on a empty stomach. I’d suggest gummy bears. Maybe some healthy Welch’s fruit snacks? Those are healthy, right?
Fifth step: Cut your button backs, if they have any, with some slant edge cutting pliers. You can get these anywhere! Your dad probably has a pair in his tool box. If he doesn’t, do not use a knife. Get back in the car and go to the craft store. They have tons in a bunch of different colors. I got mine in yellow!
Sixth step: Apply glue to the center of the button, if the button is an odd shape, I suggest you measure it to your beautiful earlobe and see how you’d like the earring to sit. After you’ve found the designated ear post spot, glue your post and let it dry overnight.


Seventh step: Try your earrings on and show your pet. They will be amazed at your crafting skills.



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