Sunshine Award


Sunshine Award

Behold! The Sunshine Award!

I was nominated by the wonderful and always sweet Trace in the Kitchen. Her blog is an array of awesome. Not only does she bake, she cooks, and travels!

The Rules:

1. Post the Sunshine Award logo on your blog.

2.  Nominate 10 fellow bloggers and announce their nomination in their blog’s comment section

3.  Mention links back to their blog, including a link to the person who nominated you.

4.  Answer the questions below in an effort for everyone to get to know you better!

My Nominees:

1. chefina

2. Bonding Tool

3. The Sassy Apron

4.The Bun Fight

5. The Wayfaring Baker

6. Nancy Creative

7. Crazy Vegan Lady

8.The Peckish Kiwi

9. Loving Homemade 

10. Papaya Pieces

10 Questions

1. Favorite color: The majestic color purple.

2. Favorite animal: Cats! I also really love cows, pandas, koalas, and ponies…

3. Favorite number: 4

4. Favorite Non-Alcoholic drink: Hmm… It really depends what I’m in the mood for. I guess JUICE! You never said I had to be specific. I will not limit myself. All the juice!

5. Favorite Alcoholic drink: Sangria!

6. Favorite facebook or twitter: Blergh! Facebook beause Twitter is just pointless.

7. My Passions: baking, cooking, creating, writing. and laughing.

8. Giving or receiving gifts: I enjoy giving gifts! I am a great gift-giver.

9. Favorite city: Well, this is just getting silly. Why would I have a favorite city?! All cities have particular traits that make them special. I’ll say Isabela, Puerto Rico. Why? Because it has beaches and one of my favorite ice cream shops nearby.

10. Favorite TV show: I don’t watch television 🙁

0 thoughts on “Sunshine Award”

  1. Congratulations Melisa! Laughing is good and I’m all for it. I don’t watch TV too, hehe… Do you have a facebook page? I want to add you there, lol… I must be blind if you have it posted here in your blog, sorry. Thanks for your nomination too 😀

  2. Hi, I saw this at the time and then couldn’t log into my account! Thank you so much and sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you. Congratulations on yours and will pass this on.

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