I'm so sorry! Here's a low resolution picture of my next recipe


I’ve been missing, I know. Trust me, it’s not due to lack of trying. This month has been difficult. I’ve baked at least five different recipes, all of which, I’ve wanted to burn at the stake for being absolutely unholy. Nevertheless, I’m glad to say that I am back on track and have a recipe ready for you guys!

Here’s the picture I promised:

2013-09-17 18.50.41It’s sprinkly! It’s chocolatey! It’s fabulous!

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        1. I like both and I have a gaming PC. However, I prefer console gaming. That might change if game developers perfect controller support. I like the customizability of a PC. But I’m not even going to pretend like I don’t have the PS4 preordered…

          1. And I won’t pretend I don’t have Xbox One ordered. I’ve never been a PC guy, because I started way back in the Nintendo/Atari era way before PC’s even existed. By the time computers got fast enough I was already entrenched as a console guy. Do you like shooters? RPG’s?

          2. Oh, the Xbox One will be mine. I just can’t afford both right now :(. I’m more of an RPG, action adventure type of player even some platforming. I’m not too fond of shooters but if given a good story and hilarious dialogue, I might give a shooter a chance. I’ve been playing video games since as far back as I can remember. I started on the NES and I’m still going strong.

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