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This week, or well, these past two weeks, I have been sewing a bit of other things, By other things, I mean… Okay, let me start from the very beginning. I was looking for an easy stuffed elephant pattern to sew for my soon-to-be-born niece. I found one on this lovely site. AND I DID IT! I did it all on my own! I kind of just read through the initial instructions and managed to sew this little guy:

I was immensely proud of my accomplishment. However, with this new found sense of pride came overconfidence. I tried sewing some other stuffed animals, all of which, let’s just say, are to hideous to grace this page.

After a week of constant failures, I decided to sew my very first bag at my next sewing class. I had never worked with interfacing, fusible fleece, or really, sewed anything structured. In other words, this was a lofty dream but I was sure and pretty determined to figure it out or at least learn about how to sew structured items.

I’m sure that without the help from my teacher, I wouldn’t have completed this project as quickly as I did. She guided me through every step and explained what interfacing was, how to fuse specific fusible fabrics, what bilateral meant in the instructions (relating to fabrics), and she pretty much taught me everything I needed to understand on how to build these types of bags and showed me how to build it.


Next week I try to sew my very first dress! I’m pretty excited, to say the least. I’ll definitely show you guys the end product! Let’s see how it turns out!

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  1. Dang it, how come you can’t be more like me and get frustrated when you fail and give up! BTW, your creations are fantastic! I’m so bitter that you are so good at this stuff!

    1. Don’t worry. There are moments where ai become incredibly bitter and hate the world. I tend to eat cookies when this happens and this usually makes the world seem a bit brighter. Not all the time, though. Take solace in my bitter days, Bitter Ben!

      1. I’ll take whatever bitterness you can eek out, if only just a little. It just means I’ve made a little progress. Now got eat some cookies and sew stuff so we can see pictures of them!

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