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BH Cosmetics has been having an amazing sale for a few weeks now. A friend of mine suggested I’d try these out since I was in the lookout for a new, balanced, palette. In a way, something to begin to learn the art of applying makeup since I am a complete beginner. I bought two eyeshadow palettes and a blush one. The first one was the 60 Color Day and Night Palette:

2014-06-03 13.17.51

2014-06-03 13.22.01

After having played a bit with this palette, I can officially say that I am very happy with the results. The eyeshadows are incredibly pigmented and long lasting even without a primer. I don’t tend to use foundation or primer when I’m in a rush, or really, at all and these held up. The colors are bright without being obnoxious! I know! I thought that was impossible but it isn’t! Overall, this palette is perfect for beginners since you have the perfect variety of colors, you have some mattes, some neutrals, and even shimmery ones. This palette is going for 14.95 which is a friggin’ steal! GO GET IT!

Now, to the second palette from BH is Eyes On The 60’s Eyeshadow Palette:

2014-06-07 13.27.53


These are equally as pigmented but with a few more brights and mattes than neutrals. I love it! I’ve been going for more of a bright/happy look for this summer so this palette is great for that.

Now, the blush palette is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. I kid you not, this thing is varied and gorgeous. There is not one shade I do not love. The palette I bought was the 10 Color Professional Blush Palette:

2014-06-03 13.21.05

Look at those colors, peeps! Those are some gorgeous cooooloooors! I’ve tried most of them and I love them all. They’ve pretty much replaced all of my other blushes which has me feeling a bit guilty. Maybe I should start alternating? Ugh. Makeup is hard.

I also bought an eyeliner, a pair of lashes, and some glitters I need to try out and review for y’all. Don’t forget to come back for those! Anyway, I give BH cosmetics 48 Oreo Cookies out of  50. They’re pretty fantastic! They’re quality products without an absurd price which is something I can get behind. If you haven’t tried these cosmetics, give them a whirl! Take this sale as a sing of fate!

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