Dear Designer People, Why Do All Boots Look the Same?


I am done. I am dooooone with boots. Every year, I get excited for finding a unique kind of boot that’s classic and beautiful. I want to look like a woman straight out of the olden days (I don’t know which year I just want it to look vintagey, DANG IT!) but without the darn laces. I don’t want to lace up my boots. Who has time to lace up their boots? I know it isn’t a waste of time but I know myself enough to not want a pair I have to lace up each time I wear them. Short boots are okay to lace up but not the incredibly long ones. Boo to that! I want beautiful classic looking boots that zip up and have beautiful looking buttons or something. Not riding boots. Not those chained boots. Not those ugly plain boots that are covered in suede. Give me something different, designers! It’s every fall now!

Am I the only one experiencing this problem?

Also, changing the color on every design for a different year does not make your design innovative. It’s lazy. Get your act together, people!

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