Update: I am not dead.



Hello my fellow blogger, readers, and overall creators,

I’ve had surgery. Yes, surgery. This year, although amazing and somewhat life changing has been also one of the toughest in regards to my health. 

I am, however, feeling a bit better. I do have another surgery coming up but I intend to not let that entire process keep me from creating.

I have a few blogs in mind (recipes, reviews, FUN STUFF) that I cannot wait to get started.

I will say this, my sister flew in for my surgery and managed to make the entire process more joyful than expected. She brought my now 6 month old niece who is the most adorable little piece of heaven on earth.


I’m sure this blog is scattered and possibly a bit silly but I just wanted to pop in and say HELLO, WHAT IS UP MY HOMEEEEE SKILLETS? In addition to, I’ve missed your glorious faces and I once again apologize for my absence. Surgery is such blergh.

And to finish, here’s another picture of my sister and I wearing some flower crowns I made.


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